Shoot Christians Say

21 Nov

The other night I was at a Christian party of college age, and that’s where I saw this short film. I found the film to be both brilliant and insightful, hilarious to the extreme, and quite embarrassing.

Let me be clear. Though I critique it, I really like it. I think it was quite well done.

It’s a film about Christian words. Well, actually, church words. Lingo and vernacular we use in church culture. Cliches, phrases, modernized scripture references.

The film is insightful because a couple people stepped back and paid attention to the things they/we say. This is always an insightful practice and an essential step in any sort of inner work. To be able to examine yourself(or your culture) and recognize what you do and say is a skill I wish more people would cultivate.

Hilarious because…well it just is. Well acted, cleverly edited, and spot on. If you’re in church culture, I give you the gift of not taking yourself too seriously and having a good clean laugh. (Oh, it’s clean. Trust me.) If you’re not in church culture, then  maybe approach this short film like you might have approached way back when. It’ll make about that much sense to you.

Embarrassing because Christians actually say this stuff. In earnest. Without thinking about it. Assuming it means something significant. Assuming other people will understand what they’re saying.

I still can’t tell if I’m more embarrassed about the content or that it’s on Godtube…

Insightful, again, because of the important reminder about how culture works. We in our church culture know what our words mean. (most of the time) People outside our culture? Not a clue. Or a very misconstrued clue.

If we in the church want to be relevant and make our message understood, we need to be aware of the words we say and how we present ourselves. We need to remember that people may not understand us just because we have a good message and good intentions. What a shame it would be if the message got lost in the messengers words.

Meanwhile, enjoy the film. It’s hilarious.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><p><a href=””>Stuff Christians Say </a> from <a href=””>worshiphousemedia</a&gt; on <a href=””>GodTube</a&gt;.</p>


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